Use Your Statistics To Strike Gold

It can be challenging to think of new topics to write about or new content to create when you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing. Having a clue as to what search terms brought people to your site is extremely helpful in this regard.

Now is the time to install a website statistics program if you haven’t already. If you’re using a revenue share or free site, you just need to figure out how to access the statistics.

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Statistics can be a powerful tool when it comes to making informed business decisions. By understanding your customers, competitors, and the market as a whole, you can create strategies that will help you win in the long run.

Here are a few tips for using statistics to your advantage:

1. Analyze your past performance. Use this information to improve your future outcomes. For example, if you notice that your sales are down one month, determine why and then come up with a plan to address the problem.

2. Keep tabs on trends. Stay ahead of the competition by identifying which markets are growing and which ones are shrinking. This knowledge can help you decide where to focus your resources.

3. Use data analysis to make strategic decisions. Once you have analyzed the data, use it to make informed decisions about pricing, marketing, and production levels.

Discovering the search terms users entered to find your site is the single most valuable piece of information you can glean from your statistics dashboard. Google analytics is a free statistics program that offers this. StatCounter, found at, is yet another worthy alternative.

Learning how to use whatever statistics program you choose is important. While there are many metrics that can be used to enhance the user experience, we will focus on the keywords that were used to find each page on your website.

This is an excellent point to emphasise on your sales page. Looking at the visitor logs for this page to see who is visiting and why. Are there any keywords that you had not considered? Do you know if there are any keywords that are off-topic but still relevant? Is there anything you could be writing about but aren’t (as suggested by the keywords)?

Make some new pages for these different but related topics and any topics that you should be covering but aren’t. Use your statistics as a tool to know what people are really searching for. In the beginning, a keyword tool won’t cost you $56 per month. Investigating your own data can help you determine the best direction for your writing.
Does your site get traffic from people looking for products that you don’t offer?

Because of this, it’s clear that this product doesn’t get enough attention online. If people are visiting your site looking for a product you don’t offer, you may want to consider adding a page dedicated to selling that product. If there were already a bunch of good pages on this product they would be getting that traffic not you.
In addition, your analytics data will show you exactly what Google and the other search engines make of your pages.

Maybe they need reworking if that doesn’t line up with their actual focus.

There are a variety of ways to put the data you collect about your website’s traffic to use, but the data itself is valuable. If you want to keep tabs on how your site is developing, you should print out and keep copies of this data.

If you lose traffic on a certain keyword this is something to be aware of and possibly something to take action on – especially if it is a buying keyword.
So just realise that your website statistics are gold and treat them as such. Basically, you can use this information to find out what your visitors are truly wanting and really searching for and then give it to them.

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